Friday, April 19, 2013

The book is coming!

It's been ages since I've written here (or anywhere for that matter) and strangely, the reason for that is that I wrote a book.  Once you've written a book, it seems that all writing stops while you figure out how in the heck to get folks to read that book.  To that end, I've been making lists and calling friends and generally asking a lot of questions and forcing myself to emerge from the cozy, little hermit house where I feel most comfortable. 

Yes, it's scary. 

But it's worth it.

I love my book.  I worked my head off to get my book to look and feel like a book.  A lot of kind, smart, generous people helped in this process and I owe it to them and to me and to my book to get it out there. 

To that end, I ask that if you're visiting this page, why not FOLLOW it?
And if you already follow it, encourage your pals to follow it too.

You can click on this link to get a gander at the fancy book cover and read some of the nice things people have already said about "Leaving Tinkertown."

Thank you.  I say this a lot.  And I will continue to say it.  Thank you.


Unknown said...


I would like to read your book :)

Taradharma said...

I came to your blog after reading your funny comment on Elizabeth's. The book looks and sounds fantastic. Brava to you for completing such a fine work. Is there going to be Kindle edition? Or something down-load-able?

Tanya Ward Goodman said...

Hi Taradharma! Thanks for popping into my blog! Yep, there will be a kindle edition. Most likely available in August. I'll keep you posted and check out your blog, too!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Hi, I just got through reading the L.A. Times article you wrote... Wow, I can relate to your step mom's dilemma... I was in a different situation.. My husband was killed 12 yrs. ago.. it took me about 4-5 yrs. to think about dating., mindset had to be what I thought was 'just right'... I feel your Dad would of been proud that his wife had the strength to go on that date... I know he was proud to walk u down that aisle... Sadness and joy is always a mixture isn't it?.. Found your blog thru Google... Blog more, I love they way you write!.