Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's as easy as riding a bike.  But is it?  I've just spent forty minutes trying to remember how to inflate the tires on my bike.  Granted, I haven't ridden the darn thing in a year and it's got those tricky little Presta valves, but I'm still a little abashed by my need to watch a tutoring session on tire inflation on YouTube. (Thank you, cute bike guy, for all the info.)  Inflating the tires on my bicycle is not the only thing that I've forgotten.  I forget regularly how to pay my bills (some of them are paid online through the bank, others come out at intervals through auto withdraw and some I actually have to sit down and write a check.)  I've written a list of how and when all these things happen, but then I forget to look at it.  I forget the passwords to my various online accounts (why in the world do I need a security question to buy a top from J. Crew?)  I forget what book I'm reading and then when I remember the title, I forget where I am.  In all the catching up, think I probably read each paragraph five times.  And then, when the book ends, I promptly forget all about it.

Am I overloaded? Under brained?  Sometimes I worry about Alzheimer's.  But mostly I figure that there's a lot going on.  With over forty years of stuff crammed into my cranial file drawers, things are getting a little crowded, a little dusty.

Besides, I can remember how to make a souffle, how to saddle a horse, how to make paper dolls for my daughter.  For everything else, there's a recipe book or a cute guy on YouTube.

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Elizabeth said...

I still have a formidable memory at age 47, but these small things do slip -- it sounds like you're remembering the truly important stuff, and I'm all for cute guys on YouTube to help.

And check out this paperdoll site: