Monday, September 14, 2009

One of these days...

So, I got this note from my agent and she says she's a bit "stymied." We've sent my book to lots of publishers and though they've all been incredibly complimentary and encouraging and impressed and excited, not one of them has been able to see clear to publish my book.

I got pretty darned sad when I read her note the first time. The next day, I read it again and I felt disappointed. I went to the bookstore and right there on the "new arrivals" stack were memoirs by a cat and a dog (sure they were told to humans) but for the love of Mike, cats and dogs can get their furry little mugs on a book jacket, while I, the woman who helped look after her dad AND her grandmother while they simultaneously suffered from Alzheimer's disease can't catch a break. This is where the wallowing in self pity part began.

But then, a couple of days later, I started to think more clearly. I can do this. My Dad was the guy who boasted about building his own roadside attraction without a government grant. He was the King of DIY and, that said, why shouldn't I take a page from HIS book when trying to sell my own. So, I'm looking at other options. There are lots of possibilities.

All I can do is keep writing. All I can do is keep moving forward with an open heart and the belief that what's supposed to happen will happen. All in good time.

So, I've started another blog. Yes, it's true I'm not so regular with this blog, but the new blog has a theme! It's called Dearest You. Borrowing from Neil Young, "I'm going to sit down and write a long letter to all the good friends I've known." One of these days might as well be today.

check it out


Elizabeth said...

Damn! What are these people's problems? I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with rejection. For no reason, I know.

I'm going over to the new blog, now.

Don't forget that you're an amazing writer, a person whose sensibilities are profoundly unique and beautiful.

Criticlasm said...


And love the new blog, too.

And one day, after you've published several books, you can write a memoir from the POV of the vegetables in your garden.

Stacy S. Jensen said...

I think writers have to be the Energizer Bunny. You just have to keep going and going. I was told in June by some agents that people are looking to buy fun, uplifting stories during this recession. Then, I got to the movies and watch the movie version of "My Sister's Keeper" and I say, "Say what?"
Again, the whole Energizer Bunny thing... Best of luck and I'll check out your other blog, too.

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

I loved this post, Tanya and the yoga one, too. I'm getting caught up with my blogging friends this week and I look forward very much to reading your new blog. I think your book will get out there eventually.