Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So, our fish died. From what? Hypotheses include "curl up and die" and "die-a-betta."

She is technically not our first fish. She replaced our first fish who had the good sense to pass on while the kids were at school. We switched her out like Darren on "Bewitched" and no one really seemed to notice. The original fish was called "Lolly," at some point the new Lolly became "Tanya the fish" and then without any rhyme or reason TTF became "Pebbles Goodman." The new fish is blue and red and has some jazzy shell shaped glass rocks to float above. Her name is Lily Goodman Daisy (though really, I think all Betta fish are male -- at least the pretty ones.)

The old fish died on Sunday while my son was in the bathtub and I was searching through my daughter's hair for lice. Oh, yes, more pets.

I found a louse, Sadie noticed the fish was dead and Theo swore for the first time when my husband tried to get him out of the tub.

"Jesus Crisis," he screamed.

My husband and I turned away, hiding smiles, holding our speeches and waited for the storm to pass.


StinkyLulu said...


My condolences on the fish.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, we need to talk. About our parallel lives and Jesus Christs. I'm a little ahead of you but both experiences are true of us as well.

I love that you've blogged twice in the last few months about the deaths of a fish and a hamster.